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Mixed use and retail experience

David Reddy, AIA LEED AP, held leadership positions during the design and execution of high profile projects for leading architects Antoine Predock, IM Pei Partners, Frank Gehry, and Altoon + Porter. This work embraced multiple typologies, and included the design and execution of art museums, a dance theater, a concert hall, a convention center, libraries, and large retail centers.

David founded R & D architects to innovate design practices that optimize the creative speed and flexibility that are essential in a rapidly changing development environment.

R & D’s core group manages the work of an extended team that contributes high level expertise to each challenge. Their objective is to produce exactly what is needed, when it is needed, in the most effective way possible, and nothing more.

David’s work is positioned at the intersection of art and science. For visual examples, see: http://www.davidreddyarchitect.com

This method alters and adapts conventional process models for architectural design work. The workflow is specific to project delivery requirements in the real estate development space.

R & D architects work across platforms to deploy the most effective digital tools available. The rapid response and adaptability essential to effective communication and collaboration are cornerstones of their working method.