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Sustainable Residential Architecture Multi-Family Housing in Venice

R&D Architects offers multi-family development services—in Venice and throughout Los Angeles—during all aspects of the design and execution of sustainable multi-family housing in dense urban settings.

Taking a unique approach to what a multi-family housing complex can be, we work with clear intention. Each project meets financial goals while integrating with its urban landscape—from planning through design to construction and beyond.

Multi-Family Development Services in Los Angeles County

Our integrative philosophy allows for intuitive designs that amplify the lifestyles of the people who live in multi-family housing. R&D Architects create innovative approaches to functionality and beauty to bring a bold yet intimate comfort to the living environments we build. We amplify and extend the urban lifestyle experience.

Our purpose is to make a more livable and beautiful city. We work closely with you to achieve your goals for your project. We administrate the fulfillment process, so the project is orchestrated with your budget and timeline in mind.

View our residential portfolio of multi-family housing complexes that we have designed. Contact the offices of R&D Architects to schedule your complimentary consultation.