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Innovative Mixed-Use Architecture Firm in Los Angeles

Based in Venice, R&D Architects create mixed-use projects throughout the city of Los Angeles. David Reddy founded R&D Architects—an innovative mixed-use architecture firm—to pioneer design practices that optimize the creative speed and flexibility that are essential in a rapidly changing development environment. R&D’s core group manages the work of an experienced team that contributes high-level expertise to each challenge. Our workflow synchronizes with project delivery requirements in the real estate development space.

Mixed-Use Building Design Services

Placing an emphasis on mixed-use building design for better living, R&D Architects create innovative projects by embracing the needs of the developer/client as well as of future residents and occupants. Rapid response and adaptability are cornerstones of our working method.

With a history of providing innovative mixed-use architecture, David Reddy and his team at R&D Architects have made significant contributions to the architectural experience in Venice and throughout Los Angeles. We work collaboratively to bring your vision into reality.

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