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Founder of David Reddy AIA with R&D Architects in Venice

David Reddy is an experienced strategist and innovator whose management skills seamlessly integrate conception, design, and construction.

As design principal at R&D Architects, David delivers innovative projects for real estate developers who create multifamily and mixed-use projects in Transit Oriented Corridors, Opportunity Zones, and the Coastal Zone.  He executes solutions to the current crisis of housing availability and affordability in Los Angeles, with built work that includes the creation of urban villages throughout Los Angeles.

His experience includes managing interdisciplinary design teams to deliver large and complex projects in the U.S. and around the world. 


  • Acquisition and Mobilization:  Defining the best and highest value for properties in urban settings. Defining project parameters in conjunction with developers, contractors, and governmental agencies. Creating design programs and concepts parallel to developer performance models. Assembling and managing interdisciplinary teams to establish metrics for complex typologies.
  • Design / Entitlements / Permits:  Managing interdisciplinary teams to execute project design and delivery, collapsing timeframes and controlling project costs. Managing complex entitlements for urban properties.
  • Construction Delivery:  Managing design team performance under alternative project delivery methods including fast track, design/build, and negotiated contracts for construction to produce optimized design and construction throughput.