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Residential and Commercial Sustainable Development in Los Angeles

David Reddy AIA / R&D Architects is a full-service architecture design firm based in Venice Beach, Los Angeles. From early consultation through design to fulfillment, we are focused on sustainability and urbanization. Our firm provides management consulting and design services for residential and commercial construction projects. An industry-leading architect, David Reddy is a revolutionary innovator who promotes integrative, sustainable design.

R&D Architects identify and execute your needs and desires for the project, whether it is an urban single-family home or a mixed-use development.

We lead a team of specialists to tackle each project, producing the right thing at the right time—nothing less. Starting with site acquisition, we identify and plan for hard and soft performance objectives. We manage the entire fulfillment process, optimized to satisfy your budget and schedule frameworks.

Our Venice-Inspired Architectural Design Approach

Venice in the 20th century was rundown, tough, and economically accessible. Poets, musicians, inventors, surfers, painters, sculptors, body builders, writers, and others found cheap space in the urban mashup of industrial buildings and bungalows.

A vibrant spirit of creative experimentation prevailed. What has come to be known as the "Venice School" of architects built their first projects on the streets and in the alleys, working with limited means and common materials. Our work extends and amplifies this tradition.

David Reddy AIA / R&D Architects’ lives and work are rooted in a tradition of creative exploration that reaches far beyond the boundaries of our home. In a rapidly transforming and connected world, we believe that individual actions make a profound difference.