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Experienced innovators who seamlessly integrate conception, design and construction for a sustainable future.
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One of the Most Distinguished Modern Architecture Firms in Venice

David Reddy AIA / R&D Architects have been recognized as one of Venice’s most distinguished modern architecture firms—pioneering designs for urban environments that are both sustainable and innovative. R&D Architects provides consulting and design services during every aspect of residential and commercial construction projects.

Founder David Reddy is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accredited professional (LEED-certified AP) and a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). He has over a decade of experience in the construction side of the housing industry plus another fifteen years with internationally-known design firms and has focused his talents on private practice since 2003.

R&D Architects provide consulting and architectural design services during every aspect of residential and commercial construction projects.
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“David and I collaborated on a 12 unit small lot project in Westchester, CA. He was easy to work with and had unique and marketable ideas. David was able to bring his architectural vision to fruition by bringing his builder's sense to the design and working drawings. I was both owner and builder of the project and I would not hesitate to work with David and his team again. The process was fun and successful.”

- Jim Dreyfuss: Owner, Dreyfuss Construction


“I highly recommend David Reddy. Having worked with and developed many projects over the years I have come to know David professionally and personally. He has a wealth of experience, thinks outside the box, has great government relationships and designs a great product. He is ethical and you always get a straight answer from David. I will continue to work with David on many more projects and encourage others to do the

- Adam O’Neill: Owner, Root Real Estate LLC


“I have known and worked with David for a number of years. Besides being a true gentleman, he is a great architect, with a rare combination of creativity, knowledge and practicality. Few times in my career as a real estate attorney have I worked with such an honest, and often brilliant architect who is able to deliver for the client on-time and on-budget.”

- Michael Krival: Managing Attorney, Krival & Associates


"We have hired David for several complicated projects, including 2 under the City of Los Angeles' Small Lot Ordinance. He designed 5 homes for my development company and we continue to work with his firm. David was involved in every aspect of our projects, the initial site specific meetings with city officials, public hearings, contractor selection, the selection of interior tile and plumbing fixtures and the selection or
exterior paint colors. The homes he designed use windows and skylights to create a sense of openness and important architectural design all in 30-40 foot wide lots. David and his associates work well with clients, unlike many architects, they do not mandate design. They listened to our needs, accepted our opinions when appropriate and stood firm when our suggestions were not appropriate - explaining why certaineverything along the way."

- Mary-Dorothy Line: Managing Director, Sustainable Finance LLC

R&D Architects is a team of experienced innovators who seamlessly integrate conception, design, and construction. David Reddy’s architectural work on large commercial and institutional projects for over fifteen years matured his personal synthesis of practical construction knowledge and innovative design.

Sustainable, Environmental Design for Residential and Commercial Properties

At R&D Architects, we pride ourselves on erasing the boundaries that limit sustainable ingenuity while solving the challenges of developing in the dense urban landscape of cities like Los Angeles.

Our sustainable, environmental design focuses on:

  • Vision
  • Innovation
  • Execution

We provide services during:

  • Acquisition
  • Design/Entitlements/Permits
  • Project Delivery